Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Planet Called "Aspergia"

Ahhh, welcome to mokas!
It's been a long time coming but finally I've put fingers to the keyboard and am starting my blog about Asperger's Syndrome.

My son, who is a pre-teen Aspe, refers to himself as an "Aspergian". The otherworldly resonance is more than appropriate.

It's like he and his Aspergian friends are from the planet "Aspergia". A planet on the outer rim of the Autism Gallaxy, filled with beautifully engineered structures, amazing artworks, intricate computer networks, a well researched & documented history and a government with immaculate treasury.

Aspergia features a hard working, law abiding community of experts in a wide variety of fields, not the least including robotics, Harry Potter, Ben 10, Star Trek, Dr. Who, surfing, music, mathematics and physics, just to name a few.

The Aspergian's with similar special interests are wonderful friends, talking at each other for hours on end about the details of their interest, then at the end of the day they all go to their homes alone and enjoy the solitude. What a wonderful place!

Luckily for Earth, these Aspergian's have been magically transported here. Possibly to enhance the lives of the Earthlings, who seem to be lacking in the mental capacity to tackle many jobs that Aspergian's excel in. 

The Aspergian's are able to do amazing things like put a stop to the 2nd World War with their code breaking skills, discover the theory of relativity (Albert Einstein was an Aspergian), create musical masterpieces, engineer, account, research and learn.

They have given Earthlings so much and in return the Earthlings need to do a few things for them.

It turns out that Aspergian's need lots of understanding to survive here on Earth.

I think many Earthling's know the basics about "classic Autism" and are confused as to what an Aspe is really like! (Quite different to their cousins from Autisma!)

Aspergian's are wonderful people, who are a lot like Earthling's but they think a little differently. 

Aspes pine for friendship and feel loneliness.

You'll be amazed at how happy they'll feel when you compliment them. (Never criticise an Aspe!)

Give them a little extra time to process answers and try and be patient. There is a lot going on in that amazing mind!

Be calm and be kind and stay tuned for more info soon!

Lots of warm wishes
Mrs Mokas